What might missionary-educator life look like in Bujumbura, Burundi at HAU?

Day to day, the primary role of a missionary professor at HAU is teaching undergraduates and graduate students.  Additional roles include mentoring of student research projects and overseeing internship experiences.

Teaching is hard enough in America but is harder in a cross-cultural environment. Students are different, learning is different, resources are different, expectations of colleagues are different and things just don't work the same--at the university or at home.   Missionary professors need support.  So do their families.

SERGE believes that teams embody the communal calling of Christianity and are essential for long-term success of expatriates working in Africa.  Teams provide mutual support and accountability.  Team support comes through those who share your cultural lens and can understand and encourage you through frustrations, help set boundaries, provide practical help with housing and “life” and provide spiritual and mission-work support/accountability.  Teams provide a context for believers to engage in repentance, reconciliation and redemption in a way that demonstrates Christ’s glory to a watching and waiting world.

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